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Imerys Talc Austria wins Imerys Climate Change Strategy Award

Imerys Talc Austria wins Imerys Climate Change Strategy Award
20 November 2018

We are delighted to annonce that the Imerys Talc Austria team has won this year's Imerys SD Challenge in the Category Climate Change Strategy with their initiative "Clean Heating Protects Nature".


Our processing facility in Weisskirchen, Austria, operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using natural gas to grind talc and leucophyllite down into the finest of powders.

In 1980, the Weisskirchen community, our plant and the local heating network provider came up with the innovative idea of feeding the waste heat from the plant into the local heating network, thereby providing "clean" heating to some 150 households, as well as the local schools and other public buildings. Since the project started almost 40 years ago, over 66,000 tons of carbon dioxide have been saved, representing over 31.5 million cubic metres of natural gas!

In the second half of this year, two new buildings housing 26 appartments have been added to the heating network.

As Imerys CEO, Conrad Keijzer, underlined in his congratulatory e-mail to our Austrian colleagues, "This initiative demonstrates how a concrete, long-term project, well designed and fully integrated within the local context, can help us reduce our emissions. It is an initiative that contributes to the community, reduces our carbon footprint and generates economic benefits, thus creating value for multiple stakeholders simultaneously."

The 2018 SD Challenge winners were selected from a total of 143 projects. Heartiest congratulations to our Imerys Talc Austria colleagues!