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      Imerys Performance Americas, a part of Imerys - the world’s leading supplier of mineral-based solutions for industry, announces the launch of Harborlite™ 900s-SG, a perlite mineral filter aid that can be modified for sterol glucoside removal in cold soak biodiesel production.

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      2021 Plastic Webinar Series 2021.09.01

      Imerys proudly presents an eleven part webinar series with varying subjects focusing on our advancements in the plastics industry and the benefits Imerys minerals can bring.

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      Imerys Performance Minerals and IMCD US Announce Expanded Distribution Agreement for Specialty Minerals in US and Canada 2020.09.09

      Imerys Performance Minerals Americas and IMCD US LLC are pleased to announce that IMCD US will serve as National Distributor, US and Canada, for Imerys Performance Minerals effective September 9, 2020.

      Industrial product manufacturers will benefit from streamlined regional access to Imerys’ expansive specialty minerals portfolio backed by IMCD’s strong customer service and technical expertise.

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      Imerys: 2019 results 2020.01.12

      Imerys: 2019 results in line with forecast  and dividend maintained

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      Imerys expands Calcium Carbonate business in Brazil 2019.11.01

      Imerys expands Calcium Carbonates business in Brazil

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      ImerCare® branches out into innovative colorful scrubs at in-cosmetics Global 2019 2019.03.01

      At this year’s in-cosmetics Global, Imerys Minerals will be showcasing ImerScrub™, a highly innovative addition to the successful ImerCare® white volcanic pearl range for gentle exfoliation.

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      Imerys Performance Additives announces a substantial price increase in January 2018.11.05

      Imerys Performance Additives will apply a substantial price increase, effective January 2019, or as contracts allow. This decision is driven by the significant rise in freight, energy, packaging, mining, and labor and maintenance costs in 2018, a trend which is expected to continue in 2019.

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      ImerCare Matte® wins BSB Award 2018.06.08

      As its name suggests, ImerCare® Matte imparts a superior mattifying effect in gels and creams, liquid foundations and pressed powders. It is a kaolin with an innovative microporous structure and high surface area. Due to this unique morphology, ImerCare® Matte possesses excellent sebum absorption capabilities and imparts an immediate matte skin finish. It is also Cosmos approved.