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      New ground calcium carbonate-based product supports raffia bag producers 2021.06.08

      Performance Minerals APAC develops new generation GCC product to break into India’s largest plastic market.

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      Thiele Kaolin Company Enters into Agreement with Imerys Performance Minerals to Acquire Certain Kaolin Clay Assets in North America 2021.07.27

      Thiele Kaolin Company and Imerys Performance Minerals jointly announce that they have entered into an agreement of sale, through which
      Thiele will acquire certain Imerys kaolin assets that primarily support the paper and board industry.

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      ShrinkSan - The New Sustainable Kiln Furniture for Sanitaryware Developed by Imerys 2021.08.06

      In a traditional firing process, sanitaryware pieces are placed on kiln furniture to proceed to firing. The extreme heat causes the ceramic piece to shrink, which creates friction with the kiln furniture, sometimes resulting in defects such as glaze chipping or foot deformation on the fired piece.

      To reduce the occurrence of these defects, single use tiles are placed between the piece and the kiln furniture. While this solution has proven its efficiency, its environmental impact is questioned, as single used tiles are increasing the manufacturer’s waste.

      Imerys has decided to address this issue and has developed ShrinkSan, a patented kiln furniture system able to cope with the piece contraction during firing while being reusable and therefore sustainable.

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      2021 Plastic Webinar Series 2021.09.01

      Imerys proudly presents an eleven part webinar series with varying subjects focusing on our advancements in the plastics industry and the benefits Imerys minerals can bring.

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      Imerys Performance Minerals announces price increases in October 2021 2021.10.11

      Imerys Performance Minerals will be implementing price increases in October, in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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      Imerys’ sponsorship of Louvre exhibition celebrates strong bond with Greece 2021.10.21

      Imerys is sponsoring a new exhibition at the Louvre celebrating the cultural ties between Greece and France – a recognition of the Group’s deep roots in both countries.

      PARIS-ATHENS: The Birth of Modern Greece, 1675–1919, which opened at the Louvre on 30 September and runs until 7 February 2022, traces the cultural, diplomatic and artistic ties between Greece and France and shows how the rediscovery of Greek antiquity changed the European view of France.

      “Sponsoring this exhibition feels like a natural partnership for Imerys,” says CEO Alessandro Dazza. “Some of our key activities are located on its islands and mainland, so Greece is a fundamental member of the Imerys family. Shared elements of culture, art, history and, indeed, minerals have built long-lasting bonds between Imerys and our local communities. We are glad that the strength of these bonds extends from our home in Paris to Milos and Athens.”

      Imerys’ has world-class mineral reserves on Milos, where the famous Venus De Milo was rediscovered before entering the Louvre collection 200 years ago. The Group’s efforts and visible commitment to preserve the biodiversity of the island are visible in our approach to sustainable mining practices, and as a company we contribute to its local economy; as well as celebrating its proud history and cultural connection with minerals. In addition to our Milos operation, Imerys also has bauxite mining and processing operations on mainland Greece, and more recently, a Shared Services Center in Athens.

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      Imerys extends its sanitaryware glaze portfolio 2021.12.09

      White, colored, glossy or matt glazes give ceramic sanitaryware pieces their aesthetic appeal and long lasting performance. Obtaining the expected easy-to-clean, chemical and mechanical performances along with a distinct look is a daily challenge for ceramics producers.
      lmerys 'one-stop-shop' approach and extended portfolio will make it easier for producers to find the right solutions for their cost-efficient glaze production. Thanks to a large deposit footprint and processing plants worldwide driven by industrial excellence programs, lmerys is able to offer a wide range of high quality and consistent solutions for sanitaryware glazes.

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      Imerys extends its chamotte portolio for sanitaryware production 2022.01.06

      Imerys has been producing calcined clays for refractoires and ceramics applications for decades. To meet increasing demand for large and complex sanitaryware pieces, the Group has developed specific know-how and processes resulting in a dedicated range of chamotte products.
      Imerys is also continuously investing so as to be even closer to its customers, particularly in the fast growing markets of Eastern Europe and the Middle East and Africa, with the installation of new processing plants. Our recently built platforms in Ukraine and Egypt attest to this.
      Our operations in Cairo, for example, provide local customers with access to all calcined clays products produced by the Group and is able to provide bespoke products to serve Middle Eastern and North African markets.

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      Filtech 2022 2022.03.10

      8 - 10 March 2022
      Cologne, Germany

    • Event

      PulPaper 2022 2022.03.31

      29 - 31 March
      Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland