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Jetfine® 1

Description Jetfine® 1 is a high purity, microcrystalline, and ultrafine talc suitable for coatings applications requiring a high brightness 7-Hegman top size product. Jetfine® 1 is useful in architectural and industrial coatings at additive levels for titanium dioxide spacing without compromising paint optical or durability properties. At high coatings %PVC, Jetfine® 1 provides excellent dry hiding and film whiteness. Jetfine® 1H is recommended for polyester gelcoats for a clean, white color, ease-of-dispersion, shear-thinning rheology, excellent polishing and patching properties, and good film reinforcement properties. Key product On Application Architectural paints Can & coil coating Flexographic inks Opacifying agent Mineral Talc Reference product Jetfine 1