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Ball Clay Range

Ball Clay Range

Ball clays are also known as kaolinitic clays. Depending on the ore deposit, they can consist of as much as 80% platy kaolinite with the remaining component being mica and quartz. Ball clays can be soft or hard and can impart a high degree of hydraulic plasticity making them highly suitable for water-based adhesive where long suspension stability is desired. 

Imerys grades, Barden and Franklin-R are widely used in an aqueous system consisting of acrylics binders or natural polymers. They are often used to impart shear-thinning viscosity and increase yield point for enhanced suspension stability. Ball clays are available as milled products with fine to ultrafine particle size.


Benefits of Ball clays are:

  • High hydraulic plasticity
  • Enhanced suspension stability
  • Excellent reinforcement
  • Potential barrier effect
  • Potential to  impart soundproofing
  • Cost-effective reflectivity

Ball clays are used in:

  • Acrylic systems
  • Systems consisting of natural polymers such as starch and gums

Recommended Ball clays are:

  • Barden
  • Franklin R

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