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Dispersion Particle size, shape and surface properties of Imerys minerals are optimized for dispersion in both aqueous and solvent mediums

Dispersion of minerals in adhesive and sealant formulations is critical for numerous reasons, such as rate of production, optimal rheology, mechanical properties and aesthetics. 

Poor dispersion of minerals can be easily visible in the final application potentially causing surface defects and loss of mechanical properties. Minerals must therefore be carefully selected for their dispersibility in a formulation.

Dispersion issues with lower surface area minerals such as ground calcium carbonate and beneficiated kaolin are very rare because these minerals tend to disperse readily in low viscosity adhesives or high viscosity paste, plastisol and sealants as long as there is no chemical incompatibility between binder and the mineral.

Dispersion becomes critical especially when using high surface area minerals, such as precipitated calcium carbonate,  in high viscosity final products.  Imerys minerals are specifically optimized to offer the highest degree of dispersion.


Dispersion test in plasticizer

Dispersion test with Winnofil® SPM (PCC)
Dispersion test with competitor PCC

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