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ImerSeal® Imerys minerals ensure minimal moisture pick-up and optimum dispersion

Imerys ImerSeal® grades are premium high quality surface-coated ground calcium carbonates (GCC) with optimized coating, produced from marble.
ImerSeal® grades are often employed in high-end adhesive and sealant systems.

ImerSeal® calcium carbonates are surface-treated with fatty-acid to create a coherent hydrophobic surface that provides for excellent dispersion, very low inherent moisture content, and minimal moisture pick-up. This combination imparts multiple benefits while formulating adhesives and sealants. For example, it reduces the energy needed for pre-drying, it can speed up processing due to excellent dispersion, and provide enhanced storage stability

ImerSeal® products are ideally suited in systems where thixotropy, moisture sensitivity and color are a major consideration. Amongst the end benefits are excellent shear-thinning, high adhesion, a desirable surface profile, and enhanced mechanical properties such as elongation, tensile and tear strength, and reinforcement.

Moisture-curing and non-moisture curing systems

ImerSeal® offers a number of potential advantages in moisture and other curing systems:

  • Rheology control
  • Lower moisture
  • Good adhesion
  • High dispersibility
  • Excellent storage stability
  • Improved mechanical properties

ImerSeal® is recommended for use in:

  • Silicone sealants
  • Hybrid polymer sealants
  • Polysulfide
  • Polyurethane
  • Epoxies
  • Plastisol

We offer a full range of custom formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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