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Plastisol Adhesive and sealant formulations designed for the automotive industry

Imerys offers an unparalleled range of ground calcium carbonate (GCC) and ultrafine precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) designed for adhesive and sealant formulations used in the automotive industry.

PVC plastisol for underbody coating (UBC) and seam sealing

Our engineered minerals offer a broad array of benefits to PVC plastisol ranging from rheology modification to multi-substrate adhesion and stone chipping resistance. Certain grades can be used at maximum filler loading, considerably reducing formulation costs. 

  • #10 White® is a  cost-effective uncoated GCC that can be used at high loading
  • Socal® and Winnofil® are well-established PCCs which provide the right rheological profile in PVC plastisols

Liquid applied sound damping (LASD)

Imerys calcium carbonates solve hydrophobicity issues in LASD and improve the rheological profile of LASD. Imerys micas confer superior sound damping. Wollastonite improves sound damping and mud-cracking. 

  • ImerSeal® GCC grades with optimized coating improve hydrophobicity in exterior applications 
  • Socal® and Winnofil® uncoated PCC give the right rheological profile in water-based solutions 
  • Suzorite® micas provide superior loss factor improvement 
  • Nyad® wollastonite improve loss factor and mud cracking

We offer a full range of custom formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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