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Storage Stability

Storage stability

Among several classes of the minerals available on the market today, Imerys calcium carbonates offers the best viscosity solution and stability over time.

Hybrid polymer systems

Socal® U1S2-G confers the best storage stability in medium modulus hybrid systems

Storage stability (%) = extrusion rate after storage / initial extrusion rate

Low moisture content and pick-up with time

Typically, for moisture cured adhesive, final adhesive storage stability is impacted by the inherent moisture of the minerals present in the formulation. A mineral of low moisture content and lower moisture pickup is a key consideration in formulating moisture sensitive adhesives and sealants.

Premium coated ImerSeal® PCC will be more effective than standard coated GCC.

Dextrin adhesive storage stability

Imerys Carbital® 90 and Carbital® 95 slurry gives excellent storage stability performance in industrial dextrin based  adhesives. This is linked to the high particle fineness of the product. Generally, higher the fineness, the lower the syneresis.

We offer a full range of custom formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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