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Water-Based Adhesives

Water-Based Adhesives Imerys offers a broad range of mineral solutions for natural and soluble polymers

Imerys offers a broad range of mineral solutions for natural and soluble polymers as well as latex acrylic water-borne adhesives used for adhesive papers, labels, cardboard and wallpaper.

Natural polymer and soluble polymer adhesives

Our ground calcium carbonates (GCC) and kaolin are cost-effective solutions for natural polymer and soluble polymer water-borne adhesives.

We recommend:

  • Camel-wite® ST a cost-effective, coated ground calcium carbonate product
  • Hydrite® a medium particle size kaolin providing barrier properties, good viscosity stability over time and good anti-warpage properties
  • Barden AF medium particle size kaolin giving a stable viscosity profile over time, only available as powder. Color of the mineral matches the color of the test liner substrate. Barden AF is particularly suitable for PVA adhesives used in high speed paper lamination

We also recommend the following products Atomite®, Camel-Cal®, Camel-wite® and Gamaco®.

Latex acrylic

Imerys carbonates , kaolin,  mica and wollastonite are solutions of choice for improving the properties of latex acrylic adhesives. 

  • Micro-white® 100 is a cost effective, uncoated ground calcium carbonate product. 
  • Nyad® 400 is an acicular shaped wollastonite that improves adhesion with minimal impact to rheology.
  • 4-K a muscovite mica for applications requiring reinforcement and resistance to moisture, heat and chemicals. 
  • PoleStar®is a medium particle size kaolin providing good viscosity stability over time. PoleStar is particularly recommended for pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) 
  • Hydrite® SB100 is ultrafine, high brightness kaolin, providing good reinforcement and ideally suited for sandable acrylic sealants

We offer a full range of custom formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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