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Imerys offers a broad range of natural mineral products for agriculture, horticulture and for improving the welfare of animals, based on its extensive portfolio of diatomaceous earth, kaolin, moler, perlite, talc and zeolite.

In crop production, Imerys minerals are eco-friendly alternatives to chemicals for the UV protection of fruit crops. Used in fertilizers, they are suitable fillers and coating agents, preventing caking and improving fertilizer flow. In olive oil production Imerys talcs are extremely efficient extraction processing aids for increasing olive oil yield.

In livestock production, Imerys minerals are effective digestive aids, anticaking and dispersing agents for the production of animal feed and premixes. They are valuable allies for combatting aflatoxins.  They improve the quality of animal bedding, reducing effluents and odor. Our mechanical insecticides are highly effective natural solutions for controlling pests.

Used in horticulture, Imerys minerals improve soil quality, growing media aeration and boost plant growth.

We also supply a full range of pet litter products, from standard clumping grades to products designed to satisfy the most discerning pets—and their owners!

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Cat litter solutions

Imerys offers an extensive portfolio of cat litter products based on bentonite, moler, zeolite, silica gel, vegetable fiber, wood pellets and flakes, including customized solutions and grades to suit the most discerning pet owners.


Smectagri® to combat aflatoxins

Smectagri® is premium bentonite from our deposit in Greece, designed to combat aflatoxins in animal feed. Smectagri® also reduces diarrhea and can be used as a highly effective anti-caking agent and animal feed binder.