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Imerys offers a broad range of natural mineral products for agriculture, horticulture and for improving the welfare of animals, based on its extensive portfolio of calcium carbonate, diatomaceous earth, kaolin, perlite, synthetic calcium silicate and wollastonite.

In crop protection, we offer a mechanical insecticide, inert carriers for pesticide formulations and plant-available silicon products providing silicon to crops to help increase productivity in deficient soil.

Imerys minerals are used to pelletize, coat and enhance agricultural seeds. Used in fertilizers, they are suitable active ingredient carriers and coating agents, preventing caking and improving fertilizer flow as well as supplying essential mineral nutrients. 

Used in soil amendments, Imerys minerals provide soil enhancements and pH control - benefiting the overall growth and health of plants.

Used in horticulture, Imerys minerals improve growing media aeration and boosts plant growth.

In aquaculture, Imerys minerals offer affordable, antibiotic-free solutions for fish farmers looking to mitigate disease and algae outbreaks.

In poultry and livestock production, Imerys minerals are effective anti-caking, inert diluents, carriers and mineral nutrients for the production of animal feed and premixes. 

Our mechanical insecticide is a highly effective natural solution for controlling insect pests impacting poultry and livestock production. 

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