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Animal Bedding

Animal Bedding Imerys minerals for improved animal bedding conditions and odor control

Imerys highly absorbent moler is an excellent solution for improving the state of animal bedding, reducing effluents and contributing to increasing the welfare of livestock.

Moler is an amorphous silicate that is found - and mined by Imerys – only on the islands of Fur and Mors in Denmark. Moler is composed of approximately one-third clay and two-thirds diatoms. This diatomite content gives moler its large specific surface and unique absorption qualities.

Imerys moler is highly prized as animal bedding / litter for poultry, cattle, sheep and pig farms, where it is used to absorb animal effluents.

Using our moler additives in dry bedding:

  • Absorbs urine in the bedding
  • Binds  ammonia and moisture, reducing odor
  • Reduces foot / pad diseases
  • Improves slaughterhouse value of livestock by reducing reject rate


Moler is also suitable for domestic animal production, fur production and horse boxes.

We recommend our Animol® moler for animal bedding.



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