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Animal Feed Imerys minerals make excellent fillers, carriers and anticaking agents in animal feed production

Imerys bentonite, diatomite, kaolin, moler, perlite and talc grades, make ideal processing agents and digestive aids in animal feed production. Their chemical inertness renders them harmless to animals, making them ideal for feed additives and premixes. Imerys premium quality bentonite grades are helping tackle the global aflatoxin problem facing the sector.

Imerys animal feed products are registered and authorized to be sold as technological additives.


Imerys sources premium bentonite from its Greek deposit in Milos for use in animal feed products. Bentonite is the only material registered by the European Union to combat aflatoxins, the fungi which are so detrimental to animal health. Aflatoxins are adsorbed inside smectites within the animal’s bowel and excreted through the feces.

Imerys’ Smectagri® optimum grade of bentonite with low heavy metal content meets EU official requirements for feed additives.

In addition to binding toxins, Smectagri® acts as a digestive aid which absorbs water and moisture in the animals’ gastrointestinal system, reducing diarrhea and consuming more dry matter, leading to faster animal growth. Its water absorption capacity reduces effluents, improving bedding, odor and the overall welfare of livestock. 

Used as a processing aid in the production of animal feed, Smectagri® is also prized for its binding, anti-caking and flow effect.


Kaolins are well known for their soothing effect on the digestive system. Added to animal feed they act as a preventive rather than curative digestive aid. Kaolinis a highly suitable additive for pre-mix. Imerys kaolins also facilitate the processing of powders and granules for animal feeds. They can act either as a binder or a lubricant, depending on the application.

We recommend our AgriBind high quality UK clays and Argirec ABF from France for this application.


Also highly absorbent, Imerys diatomites are effective anti-caking and free-flowing agents that improve pellet stability. They prevent bridging and condensation in the silo and boost digestion. They are efficient carriers for liquids containing vitamins, fats, etheric oils, etc. and for premixes. 

We recommend our Diamol® and Diatobon® products for animal feed.


Imerys talcs are excellent anti-caking agents, die lubricants and dispersing agents improving the flowability of difficult raw materials. Naturally water repellent, the talc particles form a barrier when they envelop the particle, reducing the evaporation and uptake of water within the product mass. Talc is inert making it an ideal anticaking and flowability agent in oilseed meals, premixes and compound feed.

Recommended grades:

  • MAS T5

  • Stealim®

  • Luzenac 2

  • STEAFEEDflow


All Imerys animal feed grades:

  • Have been subject to numerous trials which have demonstrated no adverse effect on animals
  • Are produced at FEMAS and FAMi-QS accredited operations
  • Meet Directive 2005/87/EC of 5 December 2005 governing natural dioxin and heavy metal content.
  • Are covered by EC approval (E560 – talc, E559 – kaolin, 1m558, 1m558i - bentonite, E551c - diatomite/moler, E599 - perlite)

Certain grades have been specifically designed for dust-free, high specification requirements.

Please contact us to find the most suitable mineral grade for your end product.

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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