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Aquaculture Fighting disease and algae outbreaks with natural minerals

Imerys AkuaPro is a natural mineral product offering affordable, antibiotic-free solutions for fish farmers looking to mitigate disease and algae outbreaks.


Fish farming is the world’s fastest-growing industry within animal food production. Recent studies and investigation by the USDA indicate infectious diseases such as ColumnarisAeromonas disease and algae outbreaks are having a significant impact on fish health causing huge product loss. Typical disease treatments contain antibiotics – a solution that not only escalates production costs and is less sustainable and environmentally friendly, but also has serious potential consequences of antibiotic resistance. Algae problems are often addressed with copper sulfate technology which is toxic to fish, and as algae dies, toxic chemicals can be released and kill fish.

AkuaPro is an antibiotic-free and eco- fish-friendly water treatment that protects fish from bacterial diseases and can address algae outbreaks, while mitigating the risk of potential toxin release.


  • Reduces bacterial attachment to fish tissues and scales
  • Reduces occurrence of diseases caused by bacteria in the water
  • Has no negative impact on fish health, when used as directed
  • Is simple, safe and effective to use
  • Disperses easily in water
  • Contains no copper salts or chemicals 
  • Increases fish survival rate of fish compared to receiving no treatment

AkuaPro works best as a natural preventative water treatment, and can be easily added to fish farm ponds and vats before or after the onset of Columnaris disease and Aeromonas hydrophila. It has been proven to improve mortality rate and overall well being of fingerlings and fish when used as a water treatment additive.

It is suitable for use in hatcheries and commercial ponds.



We offer a full range of custom formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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