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Insect Pest Control For effective insect pest control in livestock and poultry farms

A mechanical insecticide is defined as an industrial MINERAL particle that produces a mortal response on contact.
Natural diatomaceous earth (DE)  is an amorphous silica with known insecticidal properties and is used commercially in crop protection, poultry and livestock, grain storage,  professional pest management and home and garden applications to control a broad range of crawling and flying insect pest & mites.


Not all diatomaceous earth is created equal and not all diatomaceous earth have insecticidal properties.
Diatomaceous earth is a collective nomenclature that covers 12,000 species of diatoms; each with its own physical properties that impart specific functionality to a wide range of industrial applications. It’s important to note that only federally registered diatomaceous earth can be used as insecticides and it is a federal offence to use it in a manner inconsistent with the products label. 


Dezone is a 100% natural diatomaceous earth reliable insecticide for poultry and livestock and is a powerful complimentary active to any integrated pest management program.
The physical properties of Dezone are ideal for control of insect pests and mites when applied as a powder or wettable powder using standard application equipment. When a crawling or flying insect pest or mite makes contact, the result is a static transfer of a few particles of the mechanical insecticide, which absorbs the protective lipid layer necessary for insect pests or mites survival. Insect pests and mites will not become immune to the physical mode of action.

Dezoneprovides a physical, non-chemical mode of action that should deter cross-chemical resistance development. It is registered in 50 states in the United States of America. Dezone has been proven effective against darkling beetles other poultry premise insect pests, e.g. flies, moths and cockroaches and ectoparasite insect pests, and mites (including Northern Fowl and Red Mite), lice, bedbugs and fleas.

Dezone is a viable option in any treatment rotation 
The results of an eighteen house qualitative study conducted in the fall of  2019 compared Dezone to commonly used insecticides. Dezone demonstrated that it is a viable option in any treatment rotation for darkling beetle control. 



Figure 1.

Comparison efficacy of treatments to control adult darkling beetle over a 8 week trial period.

Figure 2.

Comparison efficacy of treatments to control mealworms over a 8 week trial period.*data point not to scale

For use in and around poultry and livestock housing structures, swine houses, cattle barns, calf hutches, loafing barns, horse stables and pet kennels to control insect pests and mites. Apply uniformly to infested areas of walls and floors, cracks, crevices, bedding, wall voids and around window and door frames. Applications are permitted when animals are present and may be used over the top of animals. 

Litter treatment:

Apply 120lbs of Dezone per 20,000 square foot house in a banded manner under feed lines, feed pans and perimeter boundary using an 18 inch drop spreader.

Wall treatment:

Apply as a wettable powder to vertical surfaces paying particular attention to cracks and crevices. The amount of product to be applied will vary with the site but should be in the range of 2-5 oz/100 square feet when applied as a single, even coat to the target area.

Dezone features:

  • Applications permitted mid-flock while birds are present, over the top of the birds.
  • Zero Restricted Entry Intervals (REI is the minimum amount of time that must pass between the time a pesticide was applied and the time that people can enter into that area without protective clothing and equipment).
  • Non toxic to bees

Refer to the product label for detailed use instructions.


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