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Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Tiles Imerys minerals for enhanced acoustic properties in ceiling tiles

Imerys offers a wide range of expanded perlite grades, carbonate, ball clay and kaolin for ceiling tiles and panels to meet customer end-use requirements.

Expanded Perlite

Imerys expanded perlite is widely used in acoustic ceiling tiles manufactured using mineral wool, cellulose fibers, clay, limestone, fiberglass and expanded perlite in addition to other additives.

The proportion of expanded perlite in the formulation can vary widely, from 10 to 75 wt%, depending on the required properties of the finished product.

  • Acoustic perlite ceiling panels soften and diffuse sound and provides a barrier to block sound from traveling to adjacent rooms to - reduce noise from echoing within a room.
  • The use of expanded perlite offers weight reduction, fire resistance properties and texture in the formulation allowing manufacturers to imprint architextural patterns to enhance the  aesthetics of the space.

We recommend:

  • PA-130


Calcium carbonate is used in ceiling tile production where a paint is applied over the tile to enhance aesthetics.

We recommend:

  • Drikalite
  • 30-50

Ball Clay

Ball clay improves the tiles fire rating (per ASTM E84), because it sinters when heated and maintains structural integrity to prevent sagging. Ball clay in tiles can also be fired at 1400o F to create durable, sag and chemical resistant products.

We recommend:

  • Tennessee #6 
  •  #2161


Kaolin is used in ceiling tile production where a paint is applied over the tile to enhance the aesthetics.

We recommend:

  • NeoGen® 2000
  • Glomax® LL
  • Kaopaque® 10S
  • Hydrite® Flat DS
  • Hydrite® VS

The delivered end products are ceiling and wall solutions for the design and construction of commercial buildings and residential spaces that contribute to building efficiency, enhance comfort and create beautiful spaces.

We offer a full range of custom formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement

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