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Cement Clinker

Cement Clinker Imerys provides a variety of raw materials to produce Portland cement clinker

Imerys provides a variety of raw material additives that are used to enhance the properties of portland cement.  Portland cement is produced by sintering (fusing together without melting to the point of liquefaction) limestone, sand, and aluminosilicate materials such as Kaolin clay to produce cement clinker. Clinker is then ground with additives, such as limestone and gypsum, to form Portland cement.


  • Reduced cement production costs
  • Lower CO2 emissions




Kaolin clays can be used as a source of alumina. 


Wollastonite can be used as a source of calcium and silica, while providing the added benefit of reduced CO2 emissions compared to limestone.


For our calcium aluminate cement, please visit the Imerys Refractory team website here

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