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Perlitemp® For rigid thermal insulation

  • High thermal insulation
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Inhibits corrosion
  • Prevents absorption of water
  • Environmentally friendly

Perlitemp® is a premium rigid thermal insulator available in the form of plates, half and quarters of rods recommended for use in industrial facilities, oil plants, chemical plants, refineries, power plants and diverse processing plants.

Its main component, expanded perlite, is one of the best thermal insulators known to insulate pipes and equipment at high, medium and low temperatures due to its low thermal conductivity rate, good mechanical resistance and low water absorption.

It can be used in high temperature environments, as it is installed in conjunction with refractory materials in ceramic furnaces for the iron and steel industries. At low temperatures, it is used successfully together with moisture barriers to avoid condensation.

Perlitemp® is lightweight, which makes it easier to manage and to use in applications. Given its minimal water absorption, its thermal conductivity is not affected throughout time. It protects pipes and equipment from corrosion, making Perlitemp® the thermal insulator ideal for any type of industrial facility. It has a low amount of chloride ions, large amount of sodium silicate inhibitors, which allows excellent protection for pipes and industrial equipment.


  • Thermal Performance
    Perlitemp® keeps the energy in and does not allow significant heat/cold losses by conduction, convection or radiation.  It allows for consistent temperatures without heat/cold leakages that ultimately require more power generation to perform normal activities.
  • Inhibits Corrosion
    Perlitemp® inhibits corrosion, unlike traditional insulators which upon being installed, though initially waterproof, become vulnerable after time due to the activity, misuse and physical impacts of the environment.
  • Avoids Stress Corrosion
    Perlitemp® prevents the cracking induced by combination of the stress of the tension and the corrosive environment.
  • Does not absorb water
    Perlitemp® is resistant to the moisture from rain water filtrations, snow, frost, condensation, capillarity rising from the ground, or even the water used in normal operations.
  • Non-Inflammable - Fireproof
    Perlitemp® offers fire resistance and can keep flames confined for significant periods of time. Causes no flame, odor or smoke.
  • Lightweight - Easy Handling 
    Perlitemp® is lightweight and resistant, which eases its handling and application.
  • Resistant 
    Due to its suitable mechanical resistance,
    Perlitemp® meets the permanent load resistance standards.


Available Forms:

Perlitemp® is manufactured in the form of half rods, quarter rods and plates. If necessary, the parts are dimensioned to allow multiple applications.

  • Perlitemp® in Half Rods 
    Length of 920 mm and inner nominal diameter of 1/2” to 10”
  • Perlitemp® in Quarter Rods
    Four (4) pieces with a length of 914 mm and diameters of 12” to 20”
  • Perlitemp® in Plates
    305 mm x 920 mm. Thickness ranges from 1” to 4” increasing by 1/2”

We offer a full range of custom formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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