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Electrical Porcelain

ELECTRICAL PORCELAIN Consistent quality minerals for low to ultra high voltage AC & DC porcelain insulators

Imerys offers a range of value-added, consistent quality mineral and prepared body solutions help you to maintain steady high yields during the production of insulators. 

Imerys offers a range of engineered mineral and prepared body solutions dedicated to the needs of the electrical porcelain industry. Our solutions are developed to provide high yields during the production of insulators, and ensure excellent in service performance. They are suited to all electrical porcelain forming techniques.

Imerys mineral solutions confer a number of unique properties to electrical porcelains:

  • Very high consistency
  • Very high levels of plasticity
  • High mechanical strength
  • High alumina content
  • Low iron and carbon contents

Mineral range

Ball clay

Our ball clays are suitable for all voltage insulators including the latest generation up to 1200 kV AC and 800 kV DC. They offer the following properties:

  • Consistency
  • High plasticity enabling the shaping of complex items
  • High unfired strength minimizing breakage during shaping, handling and drying
  • Low organic content minimizing the risks of bloating, black coring and void formation from burnout
  • Faster firing cycles, in both oxidation and reducing atmosphere that would not be achievable with other more carbonaceous products
  • Low residue limiting sieving wastes


Our kaolins are selected for their high alumina content and low pyroplastic deformation.

Main features:

  • Particularly suited for large piece insulators.
  • Low rate of free quartz particles
  • A range of particle size distributions to allow optimized particle packing


Suitable for all insulators up to UHV, Imerys feldspars are:

  • High in K2O, resulting in low pyroplastic deformation
  • Low in Na2O, maximizing dielectric properties
  • Low Fe2O3 and TiO2, improving fired color

Prepared bodies

Imerys offers bespoke electrical porcelain bodies to suit different firing temperatures and atmospheres. Our prepared bodies help manufacturers meet the relevant sections of industry IEC 60672 standards.

Engineered at one of our European ceramic preparation plants, our prepared bodies have a significant impact on our customers’ production throughput in terms of:

  • Enhanced consistency
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Highest yields throughout the production process


Imerys products are suited for the manufacture of high and ultra-high voltage insulator types including:

  • Bushings
  • Long rods
  • Line-posts
  • Discs


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