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HALLOYSITE For exceptional whiteness and translucency in bone china, porcelain and hotelware

Imerys is a leading supplier of high quality halloysite to serve the fine bone china, porcelain and aluminous hotelware market.

Halloysite is an industrial mineral that is part of the kaolinite group. Like kaolin, halloysite is essentially composed of alumina-silicates, however it has a hollow tubular crystal structure, which is markedly different from the booklet or platelet crystal structure of kaolin.

Halloysite has a hollow, tubular structure

Halloysite is prized for the manufacture of thin porcelain, bone china, fine china and aluminous tableware and hotelware where the combination of tubular shape and low iron and titanium content produces fine ceramic ware presenting exceptional whiteness and translucency. 

Its fine particle size makes halloysite a useful suspension agent in glaze preparations.

Key properties:

  • Brilliant whiteness
  • High translucency
  • Reduction of pyroplasticity
  • Low iron and titania


Imerys operates a high value halloysite deposit in New Zealand, a key part of our offering for white ware production for bone china, porcelain and aluminous hotelware.

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