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Processing Imerys wollastonites - ideal low LOI processing aids for traditional ceramics

Due to their unique chemical composition, Imerys wollastonites have a loss on ignition (LOI) which is typically less than 0.5% and which generates a minimum amount of CO2 during production compared to traditional calcium oxide sources. The chemical composition of wollastonite also enables ceramics manufacturers to reduce firing temperatures and shorten firing cycles resulting in lower energy costs.

Green bodies

Used in green bodies in traditional ceramics such as wall tiles, sanitaryware and tableware, Imerys wollastonites are excellent fluxing agents and low LOI replacements for other calcium oxides which:

  • Reduce outgassing and CO2 emissions
  • Improve thermal stability preventing thermal shock
  • Reduce thermal expansion
  • Speed up drying times
  • Reduce firing shrinkage
  • Reduce firing temperatures and firing cycles
  • Facilitate fast firing
  • Lower energy consumption and costs


Used as fluxing agent in glazes, Imerys wollastonites:

  • Lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Improve glaze-body fit
  • Improve thermal stability
  • Lower thermal expansion
  • Reduce vitrification temperature

In certain frits, Imerys wollastonites can be used as an aid to melting frit components.


Used in engobes, Imerys wollastonites contribute to lowering thermal expansion.

Imerys wollastonites are suited for the production of:

  • Wall and floor tiles
  • Sanitaryware
  • Tableware