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Quartz For electrometallurgy

Imerys offers a full range of high purity quartz pebbles mainly used in the production of ferroalloys and ferro-silicon for special steel alloys. 

Used as the main carrier of  the silicium, the quartz pebbles offer high purity. Their particle size distribution allows to control the permeability of the mix during the fusion process. The high purity and consistency boost production yield.

Imerys quartz

The role of quartz pebbles in the ferro-silicium process depends on its interaction with other components in the formulation where it has an influence on the following parameters:

  • Gas Permeability 
  • Chemical composition - presence of impurities
  • Fine particle generation 


Imerys quartz pebbles for electrometallurgy are mined and/or processed at our operations in France.

Imerys also produces quartz from many deposits for ceramics, building and decorative markets.

We have major ceramics technology centers in Europe, the Americas and Asia offering a full range of technical and process support services to help you match the right solution to your application requirement.

And with Industrial facilities and blending platforms in Asia, Europe, Middle-East and the Americas, we have the resources to serve our customers anywhere in the world.

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