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Glaze preparation – Glazing


Glaze preparation and glazing issues include:

  • Sedimentation of the glaze
  • Wavy surface
  • Powdering
  • Cracks, detachment
  • Excessive drying time
  • Settling

The causes are multiple and need to be studied on a case-by-case basis.


The Imerys portfolio includes a number of high quality minerals to improve the quality of sanitaryware glazes:

Kaolins for glazes:

  • Brazil : KaoShine RC70, KaoShine75
  • UK: Remblend
  • Thailand: MRD Cast
  • US: Allen G

Feldspars for glazes:

  • France: EA2B, EA4B
  • India: Whitespar
  • US: Minspar 200

Talc for glazes:

  • France: Luzenac 00S Ceram, Luzenac OXO

Calcined kaolin for glazes:

  • UK: Molochite

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