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TABLEWARE Imerys raw minerals, prepared bodies and ready-to-use glaze solutions for superior tableware

Imerys supplies a unique range of high-quality ball clays, feldspars, halloysite, kaolins, pegmatites, wollastonites, pressing bodies and transparent glazes for tableware manufacturers.

Derived from our high quality deposits, our raw materials, prepared bodies and ready-to-use glazes are benchmarks for tableware, whiteware and hotelware where they provide outstanding mechanical properties, translucency and whiteness.

Mineral range

  • Ball clay
    Used with kaolin, feldspar and quartz in tableware and whiteware, ball clay confers high plasticity and a good white-fired color to the end product. In glazes and engobes ball clays ensure a perfect finish.
  • Feldspar & pegmatite
    Feldspar and pegmatite are the main vitrifying or fluxing agent used during the firing process of ceramic bodies. Imerys offers feldspars with low levels of colored oxides which are particularly prized for white tableware.
  • Halloysite
    Our halloysite solutions are prized for the manufacture of thin porcelain, bone china, fine china and aluminous tableware and hotelware where the combination of tubular shape and low iron and titanium content produces fine ceramic ware presenting exceptional whiteness and translucency. Its fine particle size makes halloysite a useful suspension agent in glaze preparations.
  • Kaolin
    Imerys supplies extra white kaolins for tableware.  Kaolin’s high fusion temperature and white firing characteristics make it particularly suitable for the manufacture of tableware and whiteware.
  • Wollastonite
    Imerys wollastonites are excellent, low loss on ignition (LOI) reinforcing and fluxing agents in tableware green bodies, improving the mechanical properties and surface finish of tableware. They are ideal, natural frit additives which improve the durability and surface appearance of glazes.

Raw material solutions

Our raw material solutions provide:

  • Outstanding mechanical strength and plasticity
  • Very low levels of iron oxide and titania
  • Exceptional whiteness and translucency

Prepared ceramic bodies

Our ceramic bodies offer is suitable for all production processes:

  • Isostatic pressing;
  • Casting / high-pressure casting;
  • Jiggering, jolleying and RAM pressing.


Imerys supplies ready-to-use ceramic glazes in a form which suits both modern and traditional technologies: 

  • Spray-dried granulates 
  • Slurry form
  • Powder form


All Technical Data Sheets and Brochures are available from our secured Download Center.

We are also a leading supplier of kiln furniture solutions for the tableware industry.
Please consult our Kiln Furniture section.


We have major ceramics technology centers in Europe, the Americas and Asia offering a full range of technical and process support services to help you match the right solution to your application requirement.

And with Industrial facilities and blending platforms in Asia, Europe, Middle-East and the Americas, we have the resources to serve our customers anywhere in the world.

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