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WOLLASTONITE A cost-effective solution for traditional ceramic green bodies, glazes and engobes

Imerys wollastonite is an excellent fluxing agent and frit for traditional ceramic green bodies, glazes and engobes.

Green bodies

Due to their unique chemical composition and acicular structure, Imerys wollastonite is an  excellent, low loss on ignition (LOI) reinforcing and fluxing agent in ceramic green bodies. It is an excellent solution for traditional ceramics such as floor and wall tiles, sanitaryware and tableware.

Imerys wollastonite:

  • reduces firing shrinkage
  • increases green and fired toughness
  • enhances impact strength
  • improves thermal stability preventing thermal shock
  • speeds up drying times

Imerys wollastonite contributes CaO to the ceramic formula without outgassing, allowing manufacturers to reduce firing temperatures and time compared to traditional materials, generating cost savings and lowering CO2 emissions.


Imerys wollastonite is an ideal, natural frit additive that acts as a fluxing agent to improve the durability and surface appearance of glazes.

Imerys wollastonite:

  • improves surface smoothness and transparency
  • improves glaze finish, reducing pinholes, crazing and cracking
  • improves thermal stability
  • lower thermal expansion
  • reduces vitrification temperature
  • maintains high brightness value during firing
  • generates lower CO2 emissions compared to traditional materials

They are ideal matting agents for satin, matte and rustic glazes.

Note that replacing calcium carbonate with wollastonite in sanitaryware glazes can eliminate glaze crazing completely.


Used in engobes, Imerys wollastonite:

  • improves whiteness
  • lowers opacifier demand
  • prevents crawling (drying cracks)
  • lowers thermal expansion

Imerys wollastonite for ceramics is mined and/or processed at our operations in the United States and Mexico.

We have major ceramics technology centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia offering a full range of technical and process support services to help you match the right solution to your application requirements.

And with industrial facilities and blending platforms in Asia, Europe, Middle-East and the Americas, we have the resources to serve our customers anywhere in the world.

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