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NeoGen MX

NeoGen® MX Engineered calcined kaolin for improved optical performance

  • Improved tint strength
  • Excellent touch-up performance
  • High opacity and whiteness
  • Titanium dioxide extension
  • Excellent scrub resistance
  • For mid to high PVC interior decorative coatings
  • Good mudcrack resistance

NeoGen® MX is a structured calcined kaolin designed to provide excellent optical performance in matt decorative paints, combining optimum opacity and scrub resistance and 5-10% better TiO2 extension capability at equivalent gloss/sheen performance in DIY flat paint at 35 to 55 PVC.

The irregular structure and particle size distribution of NeoGen® MX lies behind its unique combination of properties designed to allow formulators optimal opacity and whiteness while maintaining excellent scrub resistance in matt decorative paints.

NeoGen® MX is highly suitable for both professional and DIY paints formulated in the mid to high PVC range.


NeoGen MX SEM micrograph

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