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Vertal® Your cost effective solution for interior and exterior latex paints

• Reduced formulation costs

• Improved opacity and stain blocking

• Film reinforcement

Vertal® products are highly lamellar (platy), multi-functional, cost-effective mineral pigments that improve the performance and reduce the formulated costs of interior and exterior latex paints and primers.

Using Vertal® products can offer coating formulators the following performance advantages:

Opacity and stain hiding

Vertal® mineral pigments improve TiO2 distribution in the bulk paint film and across the %PVC spectrum keeping formulated costs at a minimum while optimizing the effectiveness of expensive prime pigmentation.

Barrier properties and stain-blocking

The unique, lamellar morphology of Vertal® talcs provide improved barrier properties for interior and exterior waterborne primer/sealer applications. They increase coating hydrophobicity, reduce permeability, and reduce bleed-through of stains and salts that cause further discoloration failure of topcoats and enamels.

Film reinforcement

Vertal® platy talcs provide improved film reinforcement and dimensional stability to coatings for additional protection against grain-cracking and mud cracking.


Vertal® mineral pigments are low binder-demand talc products that disperse readily in waterborne systems with a minimum viscosity build.

Vertal product line

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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