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BEER FILTRATION Innovative mineral solutions for improved filtration and beer stabilization efficiency

Imerys is leading producer of diatomaceous earth (DE, kieselguhr) and perlite filter aids for beer with over a hundred years’ experience in research, innovation and quality systems.

Over the last decade, Imerys has led a renaissance in beer filtration. Working closely with brewer customers, we have researched every aspect of the filter aid and beer interface– from beer chemistry to DE particle size, shape and density.

This collaboration has produced innovations such as the Celite Cynergy® range of diatomite-based beer stabilizing adsorbents.

Innovative filter aids and stabilizing filter aids for beer production

We focus our research on innovations which reduce DE usage and environment-friendly filtration technologies. Working with one brewery at a time, through filtration audits, we achieve reductions in the amount of filter aid needed each time.

Celite Cynergy® engineered DE

Celite Cynergy® is the first system to combine filtration and cold stabilization for better efficiency.
Celite Cynergy®:

  • Combines all the benefits of  the Celite® brewing grades plus stabilization
  • Filters like diatomaceous earth (kieselguhr) and cold stabilizes like silica gel but performs better than conventional diatomaceous earth and silica gel.
  • Results in decreased powder dosing rates, reduced waste and less filter cleaning, thereby increasing beer production without expanding filtration and stabilization equipment.

Celite® DE brewing grades

Celite® diatomite brewing grades have a lower level of beer soluble iron (BSI) compared to standard DE grades—BSI has a negative effect on beer flavor and colloidal stability.

Harborlite® perlite precoat grades

Harbolite® perlite grades, when used in conjunction with DE in the precoat, can ensure optimal precoating, especially on large filters.

Celite Fibra-Cel®

Celite Fibra-Cel® are cellulose based products ideal for rapid pre-coating, especially with old/damaged screens. Celite Fibra-Cel® offers a stable cake formation and can protect the filter cake against unwanted pressure shocks. It aides filter cake release during filter and wash-offs.


All our filtration products are FCC approved and manufactured in GMP facilities.

Imerys offers brewers a wide range of products and grades. Please contact us to find the right product for your specific requirement.



Harpoon brewery uses Celite Cynergy®

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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