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Clarity & Stability

Clarity & Stability

Consumer habits and production trends place increasing demands on shelf life to preserve flavor, clarity, color, foam and aroma. To produce sparkling, clear beer with a long shelf life requires extra steps beyond filtration. Current standard practice requires a process that utilizes a diatomite filter aid and a silica gel stabilization agent. Celite Cynergy® beer stabilizing diatomite is the first – and only – solution that provides both while increasing filtration capacity by up to 50%.


Diatomaceous earth (kieselguhr) filter aid is employed in more than 90% of beer production globally for the following reasons:

  • Lowest cost filtration technology available
  • A single diatomaceous earth filtration system can handle a great variety of beer types and ingredients giving greater flexibility than the current crossflow one solution fits all scenario.
  • Diatomite filter aid works well with a variety of beer stabilizing agents such as PVPP, silica gel and others


Chill-proofing refers to extending the ‘shelf appeal’ of beer in cold storage. While there are many techniques for chill-proofing, silica gel (either xerogels or hydrogels) are among the most prevalent, either alone or in combination with other aids such as PVPP.

 Silica gel works by removing proteins which cause chill-haze. In most cases, the chill-proofing agents are removed with filter aids.

While silica gel does a good job of chill-proofing, adding it as a separate material has several disadvantages:

  • Requires an additional step and dosing unit
  • Reduces the rate of filtration
  • Requires additional storage

Using Celite Cynergy® enables brewers to eliminate silica gel, removing a whole step in the process and extending filtration runs lengths.



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