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Cost Savings & Benefits

Cost savings & Benefits

How does Celite Cynergy® differ from conventional DE filter aid?

Celite Cynergy® is similar to conventional diatomite (kieselguhr) in appearance and bulk chemistry. The primary difference is that filtration performance is improved due to a 15-35% reduction in cake volume—typically, xerogel users see a 15-25% reduction while hydrogel users see a 25-35% reduction. This filter cake reduction is due to the elimination of a separate processing aid (i.e. silica-based beer stabilizer) during filtration.

Advantages of Celite Cynergy®

  • Improved filtration performance
  • Simplified filtration / stabilization process
  • Continued use of existing filtration equipment
  • Reduced cost and complexity

Properties of Celite Cynergy®

Typical Physical Properties

Origin Marine diatomite
Wet Density (g/L) 384
150 Mesh Screen Analysis (% retained) 1.5
Moisture, as shipped (%) 1.0
Surface area (BET, m2/g) 65


Bulk Chemistry (%)

Mineral Composition %
SiO2 92.4
Al2O3 3.3
Fe2O3 1.5
CaO 0.8
MgO 0.6
K2O 0.6



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