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How Celite Cynergy Works

How Celite Cynergy® works

No need for silica gel

Celite Cynergy® improves filtration performance by eliminating the need for  silica gels.

Celite Cynergy® enables brewers to eliminate silica gels as part of their filtration and beer stabilization process. Celite Cynergy® retains all of the microporous structure of the DE and avoids the relatively smooth, spherical surfaces associated with regular silica gels. The result is a more microporous structure with Celite Cynergy® than that present in a mix of DE and regular silica gel, leading to a higher filtration efficiency.

One step less in the brewing process

Using Celite Cynergy enables brewers to eliminate silica gel from their process

Filter cake volume reduction

Conventional filtration with DE and silica gel creates thicker cakes. With Celite Cynergy®, less total cake volume is required due to the higher filtration efficiency. As a result Celite Cynergy® will enable 15-30% longer filter cycles, extending the on-line time and so increasing effective filter capacity and reducing cleaning frequency and costs.

Reduced chill haze

Celite Cynergy® reduces chill haze by adsorbing chill-haze proteins enabling it to match the performance of silica gel in terms of shelf life. It also has no impact on flavor, foam, color and aroma.

Celite Cynergy® - Single step technology for beer clarification & stabilization

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