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Edible oil refining

EDIBLE OIL REFINING Filter aid solutions for edible oil refining

CynerSorb® two-in-one filter aids

Imerys has developed a surface-engineered diatomite to replace silica gels and magnesium silicates in edible oil refining, simplifying the process and reducing spent filter cake and oil loss.

Silica gels and magnesium silicates are generally used as adsorption agents in edible oil production. These products have excellent adsorption characteristics, but are poor filter aids causing premature filter blockage and reduced refining capacity. Often, a diatomite filter aid is added to compensate and to keep the filter bed ‘open’. While this achieves the required increase in filtration capacity, it also adds process complexity and results in additional spent filter cake—and associated oil loss.

Imerys CynerSorb® was developed to be a two-in-one solution to replace silica gels and magnesium silicates in edible oil refining.  

CynerSorb® utilizes a diatomite filter aid ‘base’ - meaning it has all the filtration characteristics of a diatomite. Our engineers have successfully surface-engineered the individual diatomite particles to provide necessary adsorption functionality. As a result, CynerSorb® can be used as a two-in-one solution fulfilling both the absorption and filtration functions. 

CynerSorb® can be used to eliminate bleaching earth where no color removal is required, or to significantly reduce dosing rates where some bleaching is necessary.

Application Specific Benefits

  • Excellent filtration characteristics: allows reduction / removal of current filter aid and increases production capacity 
  • More effective than current solutions at removing soaps, phospholipids, trace metals, and polar contaminants  
  • Works synergistically with bleaching earth: allows significant reduction of bleaching earth addition 
  • Reduces oil loss
  • Has been shown to reduce chill haze formation in high value oils


In addition to our CynerSorb® adsorbents grades, Imerys also produces a range of regular diatomite and perlite filter aids, suitable for both winterization (crystallization) of high wax oils such as sunflower, or for removal of waxes during filtration. Celite 545VO is a high permeability diatomite grade specifically designed to increase the time interval between manual removal and cleaning of filter plates. This has been achieved through careful selection of particle size to minimize the fine fraction of the diatomite, which typically causes blockage of the filter mesh.


All our filtration products are FCC approved and manufactured in GMP facilities.



We offer a full range of custom formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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