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Juice Filtration

JUICE FILTRATION Imerys DE and perlite filter aids for higher quality juices with preserved flavor

Filtering fruit juices protects the quality of fruit juices, extends their shelf life, and preserves flavor. Filter aids are used for removing sediment, clarifying the juice, and reducing the number of microorganisms (including spoilage organisms) to protect the product.

Imerys offers a range of perlite and diatomaceous earth (DE) filter aids for early stage coarse filtration to polish filtration in final steps of juice processing. Imerys filter aids can be used to recover juices from lees as well.

Our DE and perlite filter aids come in a range of permeabilities for achieving the required clarity. Our perlite filter aids and acid washed low soluble (LS) DE grades are good options for customers with ultra low metals specifications in their finished product.

Celite® LS grades

Our Celite® LS Grades are certified to have very low arsenic levels.
Celite® LS Grades filter juices without compromising clarity, time to clarity and flow rate while complying with FDA limits and industry needs for low arsenic levels in juices.

Application specific benefits

  • Wide range of permeabilities
  • Wide range of filtration capabilities
  • Wide range of particle size removal
  • Low heavy metal content


All our filtration products are FCC approved and manufactured in GMP facilities.

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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