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Other food applications

OTHER FOOD APPLICATIONS Imerys food-grade additives and processing agents for a wide range of food stuffs

Imerys offers a selective range of controlled food-additive calcium carbonates and talcs for use as texturizing agents, anti-caking agents, raising agents, anti-stick coatings, acid regulators, thickeners and bulking agents for a wide range of food stuffs. 

Calcium carbonate

Acidity regulation

Calcium carbonate can be used to regulate the acidity or alkalinity of foods such as fruit juices, pastes and preserves. 

Raising agent

Calcium carbonates are effective raising agents and pH regulators for baked products. Calcium carbonate leavens baked goods by reacting with acids to produce CO2 which causes the mixture to rise. It is particularly effective in cakes. 

Thickener & bulking agent

Calcium carbonates are effective bulking agents as well as thickeners used to increase viscosity in a wide range of applications such as bakery products.


Anti-caking and anti-sticking

Imerys talc’s hydrophobic, organophilic and platy properties make it an excellent anticaking or separating agent for ‘sticky’ food products which tend to clump together. Talc’s smooth and flat lamellae cover each particle helping it to flow freely. Relatively water repellent, the talc particles form a barrier when they envelop the particle, reducing the evaporation and uptake of moisture within the product mass.

Filler and carrier

As a soft, innocuous and organophilic substance, Imerys talc is approved as a filler and carrier in food supplements such as vitamin pills.

Surface finishing and texturizing agent

Naturally soft and platy, Imerys talcs make effective surfacing finishing and texturizing agents in foods such as confectionery, processed cheese, rice, processed meats and seasonings.


Our food additive grades are sustainably sourced from high-quality minerals from Imerys owned mines. They are processed at Imerys facilities according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


Our calcium carbonate and talc food additive grades:

  • Are registered for use as food additives under European Directive 1129/2011 (EC)
    Calcium Carbonates: E170; Talc E553b (Annex II)
  • Comply with required purity criteria set out in European Directive 231/2012 (EC) 
  • Comply with US FDA Standards for Food Additives
  • Comply with purity criteria under Food Chemical Codex, VIII Edition
  • Comply with Japanese Standards for Food Additives, VIII Edition
  • Comply with Kosher and Halal food specifications 
  • Do not contain allergens 


Process quality is guaranteed by:

  • Production in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) 
  • HACCP in place at all relevant sites 
  • All sites certified ISO 9001:2015; Porte site, Italy, certified ISO 22000 

The Food Regulatory Package and Kosher certificate are available from our download center.


We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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