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Perlite filter aids

Perlite filter aids

Imerys supplies an extensive range of perlite filter aids to suit all food and beverage filtration capabilities.

What is perlite?

Perlite is made from soft alumino silicate rock that expands rapidly when heated as the water in its structure turns to steam. This expanded structure is then milled to the desired particle size distribution to make various grades of filter aid products.

Imerys produces high permeability grades for high solid content or ‘rough’ filtration; low permeability grades for low solid or high clarity ‘fine’ filtration. All our perlites are inert and provide a natural and sustainable filtration medium.

Perlite filter aids are very light in density, making them exceptional in their capacity to retain large quantities of suspended solids in a filter cake without blocking.

A wide range of products to match different filtration capabilities

Imerys offers a wide range of different perlite filter aids to cover the full range of filtration capabilities.

  • Imerys Harborlite® perlite filter aids provide superior filtration performance in beer, juices, sugar syrups, edible oils and hydrocolloids. Multiple grades ensure optimal filtration performance and flexibility required when filtering natural raw materials where quality can vary with harvest.
  • Imerys Harborlite® perlite filter aids also offer a value in use when compared to other filter aids due to its superior solids holding capacity and light bulk density. Since the need for filter aids are based on available volumes Harborlite® perlite filter aids can reduce filter aid usage between 15% to 50% by weight depending on the grade and application. 
  • Common Grades of Harborlite® perlite filter aids:
    • H500 - For finer polish filtration 
    • H900 - Medium coarseness grade for wide range of applications
    • H1500/H1500S - Coarser grade for high solids levels and throughput.
  •  Imerys Harborlite® perlite filter aids are manufactured in 6 locations across the U.S. in order to provide unsurpassed levels of service as well as geographic advantages with a production plant near our customer’s manufacturing locations. 

Filtration products noted above meet their respective FCC monographs and are manufactured in cGMP facilities.

We offer a full range of custom formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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