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At Imerys, we draw on our own world-class ore bodies spread across the globe to offer our customers an extensive range of controlled, consistently high-quality, natural mineral ingredients with superior products and easy processing for pharmaceuticals and healthcare markets.

Imerys pharmaceutical-grade, precipitated calcium carbonates (PCC) are active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) of choice for antacids and calcium supplements and make good pharmaceutical diluents, coloring agents and processing aids for tablet production.  

Our range of aluminum silicate USP grade kaolins are specifically designed for the personal care and pharmaceutical industry. These quality mineral-based solutions help fortify, brighten, and enhance the quality of products we all need to thrive.

Diatomite (purified siliceous earth) is an excellent high purity functional additive or process enabler in pharmaceutical filtration and a key component in USP-NF Filter Aids (high purity diatomaceous earth filter aids) for blood filtration clarification and fractionation processing

Synthetic Calcium Silicates is an excellent tableting aid in certain vitamin formulations.  It is especially effective at carrying Vitamin E into powder formulations.  

Harnessing our mineral expertise, we are also contributing to tackling some of the world’s major health issues, such as mosquito-borne disease:  Our Imergard WP mechanical insecticide could prove invaluable in controlling mosquito populations in sub-Saharan Africa where malaria claims hundreds of thousands of lives each year.


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Imergard WP

Imergard WP  is a perlite-based mechanical insecticide designed to provide a physical mode of action against mosquito vectors.


Vector control with ImerGard WP