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USP Kaolins

USP Kaolins Imerys brings mineral expertise and passion to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, assisting you and your customers in the pursuit of happier, healthier lives.

We offer three “NEW” USP Kaolin products with low levels of trace elements and heavy metals, making them ideal for use in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and other high purity, human consumption industries. 

All three mineral-based USP kaolins are naturally occurring and chemically inert solutions put through an extensive cleaning process to remove impurities for a high quality end product. These attributes enable them to be used in personal care and pharmaceutical products that require compliance with both United States Pharmacopeia (USP) and industry standards.

USP Heavy Kaolin

USP Heavy Kaolin is a purified, natural hydrated aluminum silicate intended for oral and topical pharmaceutical formulations and as a diluent in tablet and capsule formulations as well wound care applications.

- White pigment 
- Smooth to the touch
- Insoluble in water and organic solvents
- Odorless

- Hemostasis
- Wound care
- Excipient
- Pill/Tablet formation
- Poison Ivy treatment
- Medicated masks, powders and creams


Kaolin KR USP

Kaolin KR USP is carefully processed for specific use in formulations where high purity, bacteria control, and high whiteness is desired. It offers high sebum and impurity absorption, soft hand aesthetic and great skin adhesion - making it an excellent choice for personal care, cosmeceutical, and pharmaceutical skin care industries. 

- Mild cleansing and exfoliation effects
- Odorless
- Opaque, white pigment - adheres to skin
- Oil and water absorbent
- Impurity absorbent
- Hemostatic performance

- Medicated Powders
- OTC Masks and Creams
- Acne Creams
- Poison Ivy Treatments
- Medicated Shampoo
- Cosmeceuticals

1149 USP

Offered as a blend of larger kaolin particles intended for a fast cutting effect with no sacrifice of luster-power to deliver high brightness for polishing in dental care - it is the most effective dentifrice agent as a gentle abrasive for toothpastes.  It delivers improved polish capabilities that doesn’t scratch, allowing for an increase of micro smoothness for natural and artificial teeth, while offering less potential for new plaque and tartar to build. 1149 USP was designed to offer higher hardness with optimized edge design for high exfoliation and cleaning potential.

- Gentle fine exfoliation
- High polishing action
- Stain removal action
- White pigment
- Oil absorbent
- Low abrasivity

- Toothpastes and Powders
- Prophy Pastes
- Acne Creams
- Medicated Masks
- Poison Ivy Treatments
- Medicated Shampoo

We offer a full range of custom formulation, technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.


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