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At Imerys, we draw on our own world-class ore bodies spread across the globe to offer our customers an extensive range of controlled, consistently high-quality, natural mineral ingredients for your home. 

For the autocare market, Imerys Kaopolite product range offers a natural abrasive to the global autocare industry. Kaopolite products offer efficient abrasive agents in high-performance polish formulations.

For hard surface cleaners, Imerys Kaopolite product range is unique from other competitors in that it offers an environmentally friendly, safe, effective, and green solution without compromising performance.

For swimming pool filter aids, we have two unique products: Aqua-Perl® a perlite pool filter media in water-soluble pouches and Aqua-Cel® a diatomaceous earth filter media to help optimize the performance of your filter and help those who seek the best clarity for their pools.


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