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Roof Tile Kiln Furniture


Imerys has developed a full range of kiln furniture solutions to meet the needs of the roof tile market. Harnessing our wide portfolio of quality materials and state-of-the-art production technologies, our design office is able to tailor any of these solutions to your specific requirements.

Imerys kiln furniture solutions for roof tiles guarantee:

  • A high degree of automation of roof tile handling
  • Excellent dimensional reproducibility for your roof tile products in terms of size and flatness, due to the exceptional dimensional accuracy and stability of our supports
  • Extended lifetime of our supports, due to a high resistance to mechanical and thermal constraints

Our technical offer includes:


  • Upright firing of roof tiles
  • Automated handling process of tiles
  • Firing temperatures up to 1050°C or higher with our “Combo-U-Cassettes”
  • Firing cycle times between 25 and 50h
  • Homogenous firing of tiles


  • Flat firing of roof tiles
  • Automated handling process of roof tiles
  • Firing temperature up to 1150°C with shorter cycle times (10-12h)
  • The homogeneous firing of roof tiles thanks to the sharp control of airflow
  • Excellent flatness of tiles
  • Allows all kinds of surface treatment: powder/glaze/engobes

H-Cassettes for Accessories:

  • Same characteristics as H-Cassettes
  • Tailored design with (or without) cordierite or silicium carbide inserts
  • Ensures a high versatility of your cassettes
  • Exclusive systems (patented) for SIC pads can also be cast in your H-Cassettes for optimum handling and maintenance

Kiln Car Refractories:

Imerys offers a full set of refractories for your kiln cars to withstand heavy loads

  • Extended lifetime of product
  • Good thermal insulation


Cordierite is a major component of Cordierite-Mullite kiln furniture. Cordierite has an extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion explaining the outstanding thermal shock resistance of these kiln furniture materials. Imerys kiln furniture developed lightweight cordierite formulations that allow energy savings without deteriorating the other characteristics of the cordierite.The controlled combination of Mullite, as a high-temperature resistant mineral and Cordierite, enables tailoring material characteristics for a wide variety of firing profiles and application temperatures.

To ensure that these compositions will always offer the optimum performance, all important process parameters are constantly monitored and the finished products have to pass extensive control procedures under application of the highest quality standards with perfect traceability and reproducibility. All Imerys kiln furniture units are ISO 9001 certified.

These materials tailored for the application in roof tiles offer:

  • High thermal shock resistance
  • High residual mechanical strength
  • High bending resistance
  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Maximum application temperature of the material: 1300°C (no shaped product).
    Typical products: H-Cassettes and U-Cassettes

We are able to provide bespoke solutions to meet your specific kiln furniture requirements.

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