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ShrinkSan® Ecofriendly kiln furniture for sanitaryware

  • Unique kiln furniture substitute for sanitaryware firing plates
  • Reusable more than 800 times
  • Lowers carbon footprint of sanitaryware

Sanitaryware producers traditionally use single-use tiles or ‘plates’ during the firing process to avoid the deformation and defects of ceramic toilets. 

ShrinkSan® is a patented solution which has been designed to substitute these disposable plates with a sustainable system which is reusable more than 800 times.

ShrinkSan - Imerys' new sustainable kiln furniture

A reusable solution generating less waste

In a traditional firing process, sanitaryware pieces are placed on kiln furniture before firing. The extreme heat causes the pieces to shrink, creating friction between the piece and the kiln furniture. This friction sometimes generates defects in the glaze or shape of the foot.  

To reduce these defects, single use tiles are placed between the piece and the kiln furniture. While this solution has proven effective, its environmental impact is questionable, since these single-use tiles are subsequently discarded generating waste. 

To address this issue, Imerys has developed ShrinkSan®, a patented kiln furniture system capable of managing piece contraction during firing while remaining reusable and therefore sustainable.

ShrinkSan® kiln furniture can be used more than 800 times, allowing sanitaryware producers to reduce the amount of waste they generate significantly.

What is ShrinkSan®?

ShrinkSan® is a kiln furniture system based on four mobile elements placed on a refractory batt. The mobile elements are blocked by an organic spacer and the sanitaryware piece is loaded on top. During firing, the organic spacer decomposes allowing the elements to mirror the contraction of the sanitaryware piece. 

After firing, the system can be easily reset by positioning a new organic spacer between the mobile elements. The system is then ready to be used again.

ShrinkSan® absorbs over 75% of the firing shrinkage reducing friction of the sanitaryware pieces on the kiln furniture supports, hence decreasing the number of rejects.

Shrinksan plates
ShrinkSan® is a kiln furniture system based on four mobile elements around an organic spacer

Technical advantages of using ShrinkSan®

In addition to being reusable, ShrinkSan® demonstrates several technical advantages over single-use kiln furniture:

  • Mirrors the differential contraction of the piece whatever the design
  • Reduces friction, hence defects 
  • Open design facilitates heat transfer and increases air flow in the piece
  • Easy to handle, set up and maintain
  • Individual components can be replaced improving life span of the system

Environmental advantages of using ShrinkSan®

ShrinkSan® is a sustainable alternative to single-use ceramic plates used during the firing of sanitaryware pieces:

ShrinkSan® can be used more than 800 times allowing sanitaryware producers to significantly reduce the amount of waste generated (about 3 tons of waste for 1,000 toilet pieces, which represents about 15% of the weight of one piece).

ShinkSan versus tradition shrinkage plates

ShrinkSan® is a Pioneer product

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Our recently introduced Pioneer certificate denotes a product that provides the highest social and environmental contribution to the downstream value chain, whilst demonstrating a low environmental impact in its production phase compared to its economic value.

More about our SustainAgility program.

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