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Imerys is a major supplier of high-quality calcium carbonate, diatomaceous earth, kaolin, mica, perlite and wollastonite to the paint, ink and coatings industries throughout the world. Being a natural mineral provider, every deposit has its own characteristics and these result in different coating properties being obtained.  

Working hand in hand with our customers, we engineer our minerals particle shape, size, color and surface chemistry to allow important paint properties to be modified, allowing you to control the quality and performance of your formulations.

Imerys performance minerals are ideal multi-functional extenders for waterborne, solvent-borne, architectural and industrial paints and coatings, where they improve optical performance, opacity, gloss, mechanical properties, rheology, paint stability, weather and stain resistance, mud cracking and barrier properties. 

By utilizing our resources and in-house expertise, Imerys continues to be the industry leader for extenders in the paint, ink and coatings market. 

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NeoGen® MX

A structured calcined kaolin for excellent optical performance in matte decorative paints and optimum opacity and scrub resistance.

The irregular structure and particle size distribution of NeoGen® MX and its unique combination of properties are designed to allow formulators to achieve optimal opacity and whiteness while maintaining excellent scrub resistance in matte decorative paints. 



Nyad® wollastonite for improved mechanical properties and corrosion resistance in low VOC coatings and high gloss powder coatings.

Nyad® wollastonite is a natural calcium metasilicate. Its low oil absorption, unique mineralogy and acicular morphology make it an ideal extender for high-performance low VOC coatings and powder coatings.




OpTiMat® Ultra-efficient matting agents for deep-colored matte decorative paints.

The leading product in the decorative paint industry exhibiting exceptional matting efficiency at low loading levels and featuring high whiteness. OpTiMat® is so effective that as little as 3% by weight can deliver paint with an 85° sheen value below 1.


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