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Architectural paints

Architectural Paints Imerys minerals - Your dedicated solution for decorative paints and primers

Imerys offers a wide portfolio of engineered minerals for architectural coatings to help provide our customers with solutions for their decorative, durable and protective paints. Imerys minerals make excellent, cost-effective multifunctional fillers and extenders, enhancing the optical and mechanical properties of interior and exterior architectural paints. 

Imerys minerals:

  • Improve dry hiding and opacity
  • Are effective TiO2 extenders reducing formulation costs
  • Enhance matting
  • Provide gloss control
  • Improve brightness
  • Reduce mud cracking and pinholing
  • Improve barrier properties and stainblocking
  • Improve impermeability of outdoor paints
  • Provide breathability
  • Enhance burnish and scrub resistance
  • Provide UV and weather resistance
  • Improve acoustics and benefit to vibration damping
  • Contribute to VOC reduction
  • Enhance fire protection
  • Provide lightweighting
  • Improve rheology, paint adhesion and application
  • Are easy to disperse
  • Minimize settling

Our mineral solutions are suitable for:

  • Water-based paints 
  • Solvent-based paints
  • Gloss and semi-gloss finishes
  • Matt and ultra-matt paints
  • Primers and undercoats
  • Top coats

An extensive mineral portfolio for Architectural Paints

Function  Mineral 
 Barrier /  Stain blocking performance

 Delaminated hydrous kaolin
 Hyper platy aspect ratio kaolin

 Barrier effect / Mud cracking   Mica

 Diatomaceous Earth (DE)
 Expanded perlite 

 Brightness  Ground calcium carbonate (GCC) 
 Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC)
 Engineered calcined kaolin
 Flux calcined DE     
 Bulking   Diatomaceous earth (DE)
 Expanded perlite
 Burnish resistance / Touch up performance 

 Diatomaceous earth (DE)
 Calcined kaolin

 Corrosion resistance 


 Gloss control  Kaolin
 Ground calcium carbonate (GCC)
 Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC)
 Impact resistance   Mica
 Intumescent fire retardant   Mica
 Lightweighting   Expanded perlite 

 Diatomaceous earth (DE)
 Expanded perlite 

 Mud cracking performance   Wollastonite
 Opacity control   Calcined kaolin
 Hydrous kaolin
 Ground calcium carbonate (GCC)
 Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC)
 Paint film flexibility   Mica
 Rheology modifier  Kaolin
 Sound dampening   Mica
 TiO2 Reduction 

 Ground calcium carbonate (GCC)
 Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC)
 Diatomaceous Earth (DE) 

Recommended products:

  • #10 White
  • Duramite
  • Gama-Sperse 255
  • XCS-Carb
  • Glomax® LL
  • Hydrite® Flat DS
  • NeoGen® MX
  • Hydrite® Flat D
  • Celite 499
  • Celite® 281
  • DiaFil Range 
  • CelTiX®
  • EcoFlat® 1880
  • Superfine Superfloss®
  • Harborlite® 200
  • OpTiMat® Range 
  • OpTiMax® 0220
  • OpTiMax® 0435


We offer a full range of custom formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

Please contact us, we will be happy to help

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