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Burnish, scrub & abrasion resistance

Burnish, scrub & abrasion resistance Imerys minerals enhance burnish, scrub and abrasion resistance

Imerys minerals improve the durability of the paint film and considerably increase burnish, wet scrub and abrasion resistance.


Nyad® wollastonite grades have a needle-like structure which reinforces coating films, providing durability, superior burnish, scrub and abrasion resistance and color retention. They are ideal for architectural paints, industrial, protective and marine coatings.


NeoGen® MX is a structured calcined kaolin designed to provide excellent performance in matt decorative paints combining optimum opacity and scrub resistance. The irregular structure and particle size distribution of NeoGen® MX allows formulators to achieve superior optical properties while maintaining excellent burnish and scrub resistance in matt decorative paints.

Natural diatomaceous earth

EcoFlat diatomaceous earth grades are designed for matting low VOC decorative emulsion paints where, in addition to effective matting, its low oil absorption and high hardness confer excellent burnish and scrub resistance. 

OpTiMax® is an engineered alumino silicate designed to provide maximum dryhinding in mid to high PVC latex paint lines. It allows paint formulators to further reduce the TiO2 without compromising film properties. Due to its hybrid morphology, paint line formulated with OpTiMax exhibit excellent burnish and touch up performance.

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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