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Corrosion resistance & barrier properties

Corrosion resistance & barrier properties Imerys minerals provide superior barrier properties preventing corrosion

Imerys kaolin, mica and wollastonite products improve anti-corrosion performance for demanding applications where barrier properties are crucial such as marine coatings, heavy industrial maintenance coatings and general industrial metal-to-metal paints.

Specially developed minerals aim to prevent corrosion damage. Minerals offer barrier protection which acts like a protective film against moisture.



Wollastonite grades such as our Nyad® and Wollastocoat® grades are derived from natural calcium metasilicate (CaSiO3). 

When used in combination with corrosion inhibitors, wollastonite, especially the surface-treated grades, enables the inhibitive pigment to be more effective for overall corrosion protection than when the pigment is used by itself.

The acicular (needle-like) particle shape of wollastonite also reduces internal stress in paints and reinforces mechanical properties of the paint film.

These attributes make wollastonite particularly suitable for high-value coatings which require superior corrosion resistance and durability, such as: 

  • Marine and protective coatings
  • Industrial coatings
  • Wind turbine coatings
  • Special purpose / OEM
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive refinishes
  • High heat resistant coatings
  • Pipe coatings

Our Wollastocoat® grade is a fine particle size wollastonite that is chemically modified for select resin systems for enhanced corrosion protection, mechanical properties and durability.

Wollastonite SEM micrograph


Hydrite® SB 60 and Hydrite® SB 100 are a part of our hyper platy hydrous kaolin product range to help reinforce the paint film and provide an excellent barrier and stain resistance performance. These grades are highly recommended for waterborne and stain blocking wood primer applications.

Hydrous kaolin SEM micrograph


Suzorite® 325G and 500C
Suzorite® muscovite micas are micronized products made from white ore and processed in North America. As a platy mineral, Suzorite micas offer beneficial rheological parties and are chemically inert.   Suzorite® 325G and 500C muscovite mica are able to brighten the tone of colored pigments and to offer decorative effects. These properties render Imerys muscovite micas as excellent functional minerals for paint, coatings and foundry coatings.

Mica SEM micrograph

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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