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DiaFil product range DiaFil is a low crystalline silica matting agent

  • Low crystalline silica
  • Excellent flatting ability
  • Excellent touch up properties
  • Good burnish resistance

Natural DiaFil grades provide significant performance differences depending on the grade selected. Derived from high-purity natural diatomite, DiaFil is a low crystalline silica and is particularly effective in high PVC decorative matt paints without loss of opacity or hiding power. This translates to savings of raw material costs.

Being a natural mineral product, every depository has its own characteristics resulting in different coating properties. DiaFil, with its unique morphology and narrow particle size distribution, enables a very effective matting while limiting the number of undesirable particles and associated properties.



Exceptional matting is obtained in both solvent and water-based formulations at high and low Pigment Volume Concentration (PVC).

Reduced syneresis settling and dry time

Due to the low bulk density of our products, they provide high bulking value and help control syneresis and in-can settling. Additionally, our unique particle structures reduce dry time and increase vapor permeability.

Scrub and burn resistance

The high Moh’s hardness of our products, combined with uneven particle shape, provide excellent resistance to scrubbing and burnishing.

Color and tint strength

Where whiteness is important, we offer products with low “b” values, providing a bluish undertone and cleaner tint. DiaFil product ranges enable excellent tint retention in deep and accent base paint lines.

Lower loading rate

Adding both function and value, lower loading rates are needed to control gloss and sheen due to the unique morphology and particle shape of our products.

Exceptional dry hiding

The unique morphology and controlled particle size of our minerals provides for more efficient use of the TiO2 and other hiding additives.

Other advantages

DiaFil product range enables improved sandability, seamless touch-up and inter-coat adhesion.

The DiaFil range is recommended for:

  • Water based decorative paints
  • Interior and exterior matt and undercoats
  • Solvent based, semi-gloss and eggshell paints
  • Primers and undercoats

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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