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EcoFlat 1880

EcoFlat 1880 EcoFlat 1880 is a novel matting agent that improves the properties of today’s low VOC decorative coatings.

Through the use of a specially selected mineral with an optimum combination of properties, EcoFlat 1880 gives superior scrub resistance as well as matting. This makes it an ideal choice for matt wall paints where maintaining good scrub resistance is a particular challenge for the formulator.

  • Highly effective matting agent
  • Improves scrub resistance
  • Excellent color characteristics
  • Low crystalline silica content
  • Natural mineral product with low carbon footprint
  • Effective in high PVC decorative paints

EcoFlat 1880 is a natural mineral product with a low carbon footprint and a low crystalline silica content.

As a highly effective matting agent, the hybrid morphology of the Ecoflat 1880 allows low sheen levels to be achieved.

What separates EcoFlat 1880 from other matting agents is its low oil absorption combined with a high mineral hardness. These properties significantly enhance the scrub resistance in high PVC decorative paints.

EcoFlat 1880 is also characterized by excellent color properties. High whiteness and low yellowness allow high loading levels. Additional benefits may be seen in burnish and stain resistance, and touch-up properties.

Ecolabel paints are usually associated with ‘low’ or ‘zero’ volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The industry standards for low VOC paints can vary significantly but are typically formulated with binders that have a low glass transition temperature (Tg) to reduce the dependence on coalescent solvents.

Matting Agent EcoFlat 1880

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