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Jetfine 1

Ultrafine Jetfine® 1 talc For superior dry hiding and TiO2 extension in decorative paints

  •  Efficient TiO2 extender
  • Alternative to opaque polymers and synthetic aluminum silicate
  • Cost savings

Jetfine® 1 is a high brightness grade which has been developed using proprietary, micronizing technology that produces highly lamellar, ultrafine talcs with a high specific surface area. The very fine grind of Jetfine® 1 confers a range of benefits to decorative paints.

With a top-cut of 5µm and a median particle size of 1µm, Jetfine® 1 is the finest talc grade available on the coatings market.

Particle size distribution (Sedigraph) of Jetfine® 1 vs. a fine-grind talc grade available on the market

TiO2 extension

Jetfine® 1 is a cost-effective extender providing dry hiding and TiO2 optimization in both low and high PVC paint formulations. Due to its highly lamellar structure and ultra-fine particle size, Jetfine® 1 enables formulators to reduce TiO2 by between 10% and 30% for equivalent paint performance.

  • In low PVC paints, Jetfine® 1 combines TiO2 spacing with excellent outdoor durability.
  • In high PVC decorative paints, the high oil absorption and specific surface area of Jetfine® 1 have a significant impact on dry hiding enabling TiO2 to be completely eliminated, whilst still achieving high opacity and brightness.

It is an excellent cost-effective alternative to other extenders such as opaque polymers and synthetic aluminum silicate.


Jetfine® 1 is recommended for:

  • Outdoor and indoor coatings
  • Gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matt coatings
  • VOC-compliant alkyd paints
  • Water borne varnishes and clear coats where it provides higher transparency levels


EU REACh and Ecolabel

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Jetfine® 1 is derived from naturally occurring, chemically inert minerals that are simply ground to achieve a specific particle distribution size. We do not use additives in our processes. As such, Jetfine® 1 is exempt from EU REACH registration and compliant with EU Ecolabel criteria governing organic paints.

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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