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Opacity and TiO2 extension

Opacity, dry hiding and TiO2 extension Imerys minerals improve opacity, dry hiding power and are eco-friendly, cost-effective TiO2 extenders

Imerys has a broad portfolio of mineral solutions designed to reduce TiO2 in customer formulations. Never has titanium dioxide extension been more important in decorative coatings. Calcium carbonate and kaolin make excellent, cost-effective extenders to extend high refractive index pigments such as TiO2.

Opacifying extenders are used to improve and optimize the effectiveness of titanium dioxide in several ways, depending on the paint PVC and the performance properties requirement. Optimization of titanium dioxide allows the paint manufacturer to formulate a paint to the required covering power and with lower loading level of titanium dioxide – reducing overall costs.

Imerys opacifying extenders allow customers to replace a significant amount of TiO2 without any loss of optical performance or other key properties. In high PVC paints, our engineered performance minerals can be used for the total replacement of TiO2 considerably reducing formulation costs. 

Hydrous kaolin optimize titanium dioxide in a formulation by spacing the TiO2 particles for maximum efficiency across a range of PVCs. 

Engineered calcined kaolin products such as NeoGen®, OpTiMax®, Hydrite® and precipitated calcium carbonates and other specially-selected minerals provide maximum dry hiding and significantly improve optical performance in architectural coatings. 

Imerys offers a range of opacifying extenders to allow maximum formulation flexibility. Please contact us to find the best solution for your particular requirement. 



  • Hydrite® TS 90(S), Hydrite UF® 90(S): Ultrafine, high brightness hydrous kaolin products provide the maximum TiO2 spacing in the below CPVC paint lines without compromising gloss level. Its narrow particle size distribution provides higher tint strength performance and improves in-can pigment suspension. These products are recommended to be used in gloss to eggshell paint lines.    
  • NeoGen® MX: Engineered calcined kaolin is designed to provide maximum optical performance and tint strength at lower gloss and sheen values in architectural paints. Glomax LL standard calcined kaolin provides better optical and tint strength performance compared to similar competitive calcined kaolin products.
  • NeoGen® 2000: Finer, high brightness engineered calcined kaolin provides excellent dry hiding in above CPVC paint lines. It exhibits about 10% higher tint strength compared to similar competitive calcined kaolin products. Polestar® 400, finer calcined kaolin is an excellent choice as a TiO2 extender in mid to high PVC paint lines. 
  • OpTiMax®: Engineered mineral platform technology based products are designed to provide tailor made paint performance properties based on customers unmet needs. OpTiMax® 0425 and OpTiMax® 0220 are designed to provide maximum dry hiding, lower gloss/sheen values and better film properties in 60 to 75 PVC trade sales paint lines. 

Calcium Carbonate


  • Socal® UP-G is an ultra-fine precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) with a unique morphology that fosters effective TiO2 reduction, improves tint strength and whiteness in mid to high PCA paint lines.    


  • Camelcal®, Supermite® and Atomite®, water washed grades are  particularly well suited to improve the optical performance in mid to high PVC waterborne architectural coatings and in powder coatings for domestic appliance areas.

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

Please contact us, we will be only too happy to help.

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