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OpTiMat® Ultra-efficient matting agents for deep matt decorative paints

  • Ultra high matting efficiency
  • Low loading levels    
  • Smooth surface texture    
  • Excellent burnish, mudcrack & scratch resistance
  • High paint whiteness

The OpTiMat® range of matting agents achieves a deep matt finish at very low loading levels.

3-D structure for highly diffused light scattering

The OpTiMat® range of matting agents is derived from selected crude ore which is refined and engineered to give a product with a tight particle size distribution and distinctive 3D-shaped particles.

This 3D structure results in highly diffused light scattering which produces very low gloss and sheen levels in coatings.

OpTiMat® has distinctive 3-D shaped particles

OpTiMat® products are so effective that as little as 3% by weight in a matt paint formulation can give 85° sheen below 1.

Low loaded coatings using fine particle size OpTiMat® have a smooth surface texture. Mineral hardness contributes to excellent burnish and scratch resistance. Additional benefits can be seen in high paint whiteness and increased mudcrack resistance.

Film surface structure

OpTiMat® matting effect

The OpTiMat® range is supplied as easy-to-disperse, low-density powders.

We offer a full range of bespoke formulation and technical and process support services to help you match the right mineral grade to your application requirement.

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